Smit & zoon announce global price increase

Weesp, the Netherlands, April 12, 2018 - Prices of Smit & zoon leather chemicals adjusted due to rising raw material costs.

Weesp, The Netherlands, April 12, 2018 – Global leather chemicals manufacturer Smit & zoon announced today that  it will globally increase the prices of its wet-end and finishing leather chemicals.

Price increase

“Significant price increase of raw materials across our total portfolio have happened during the past year, with notable shortages and supply constraints in specific cases. Also labor, transportation, and other costs have seen sharp increases due to the positive global economic development. Although raw material markets will remain volatile, the current outlook does not give any indication of short term structural relief,” said Smit & zoon CEO Hans van Haarst. “This situation has forced us to increase the prices of the total Smit & zoon wet-end and finishing range by 10%.  Our commercial team will work closely with customers to effectuate this increase with immediate effect or when contracts allow.”

Information about Smit & zoon’s leather chemicals can be obtained from the company’s product websites: and 

Smit & zoon announce global price increase

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