Smit & zoon Finishing

Passion meets Professionalism
Smit & zoon Finishing is specialized in the development and production of high quality pigments and finishing chemicals for use within the leather processing industry such as for footwear, furniture upholstery, automotive interiors, garment and leather goods.

Our focus is on being the supplier and expert of choice regarding leather finishing chemicals and their applications, in terms of quality, reliability, know-how and product development. With a dynamic team of people, market demands are met based on creativity, innovation and timely actions. 

Smit Finishing became part of the Dutch multinational Smit & zoon in 2008 when Smit & zoon took over the activities of a historic Italian chemical company, operating in leather finishing. Directly following this acquisition, an substantial investment plan was carried out that involved not only buildings and machineries but also lead to the creation of a team of experts that today form the beating heart of the company.

Our staff, equipped with a dynamic and flexible spirit, is the most important strategic resource of Smit Finishing. Young, innovative and at the same time competent and experienced, they are ready to satisfy your requests and concentrate on anticipating market trends.

Professionalism, passion and harmony are the leading values in the organization, and support us in the search for innovative techniques in order to present proposals to even the most demanding customers, as well as in our continuous commitment to improve and reach new and ambitious goals.

With its own Sales Network and branded products, Smit Finishing reaches all continents, allowing to establish itself as an important player in the field of chemical products for leather finishing.

Smit & zoon Finishing

Smit Finishing SpA
Via Spinino, 27
36050 Montorso (VI)

Smit & zoon
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